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    Welcome to the official website of zhongshan jianshi precision hardware co., LTD. We are at your service. Contact phone number:0760-22812012! |Collection|Feedback|Contact Us

    Zhongshan jianshi precision hardware co. LTDFocus on precision parts processing ? make high-quality precision parts

    National service hotline:0760-22812012


    experienced hardware parts design teamTo provide you with more reliable precision hardware parts custom services

    National Hotline:0760-2281201218928159097Custom immediately

    Decades of ingenuity convergeProvide customized hardware parts services

    Years of precision hardware experience!

    Specialized in precision hardware parts, non-standard metal parts, special fasteners, iron nickel cobalt alloy and rare metal products research and development, manufacturing and marketing.

    Good enough quality, computers, electronics, digital appliances, communications, toys, ornaments, lamps, molds, clocks, optical communication, aerospace and high-tech enterprises ideal partner.

    Seiko seiko, efficient production, fast delivery

    From the source of product design to customer expertise advice, help customers to develop products, solve problems for customers, analysis of the feasibility of diagnostic reports and improvement solutions to customers, for customers value-added

    Strict screening of raw materials, which effectively protect the quality of the customer's products.

    The implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system, quality assurance

    Our company implements ISO 90001 quality management system and establishes a manufacture-based, prevention-oriented quality management system model to ensure that the company's quality policy and quality objectives can be achieved.

    With strict quality inspection standard, perfect quality management system, accurate testing equipment, to ensure product quality.

    One-stop service, let customers worry more assured

    To meet customers with reasonable cost-effectiveness advantage7*24 hours serviceProvide technicalimprovements1 to 1 customer serviceTechnical guidanceDaily maintenance

    National hotline:0760-22812012Immediately consult

    - ABOUT US -

    Zhongshan jianshi precision hardware co. LTD

    Zhongshan jianshi precision hardware co., LTD., founded in 2015, is located in minzhong town, zhongshan city, guangdong province, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Is a set development, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the precision hardware parts manufacturers, the company has a strong technical force, has a number of professional technical workers. With rich practical experience, excellent technical level, positive work attitude and rigorous work style, to provide professional services for customers, fully meet customer needs. The company's products are widely used in machinery, medical, robotics, optical communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printers, laser equipment, solar power generation, mold, consumer electronics and other industries...

    - Enterprise album -

    Online consulting
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